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The infiltration of cloud computing into the lives of many of earth's inhabitants promises to hook us up with more terabytes of tailored content than our little minds can conceivably process. Cloud gaming, already in its nascent form, promises hardware-agnostic gaming for the masses. The only cost is the free and unhindered use of our personal data, thousands of megatons of CO2 emissions, the exclusion of areas of the world which do not have 5G and firewall-free internet access, and of course the inevitable homogenisation of the content produced. 

Taking a lead from the emergence of pirate radio in the UK and across Europe during the 1960s, as well as its heyday in London during the 1990s, this document constitutes (a small part of) a speculative proposal for dissent from large-scale cloud gaming through the establishment of counter-cultural gaming infrastructure to promote games and developers that do not have an outlet within the traditional cloud infrastructure.

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AuthorAlexander Walmsley
Tagsessay, speculative, Text based, writing


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